Your home is your haven, so your flooring should have some serious thought put into it.  What styles do you like? How do you plan to use your different spaces?  Do you have children or pets?

Give yourself an approximate budget before you start shopping to help keep you in your comfort zone. Flooring comes in all levels of both performance and price.  Performance level for one area or family may not be the same for another.  Take your time and look at all of your flooring options before making the final decision. Your flooring will be with you for quite some time!


The material selections for the Commercial client are typically made long before we see the blueprint, especially on chain restaurants and retail stores.  If the owner or GC is open to alternates, we will make suggestions on materials to either improve product performance or save on material costs.

On the occasion we have a commercial project needing to make selections we use similar questions as the Residential customer. How much traffic do you expect to see? How do you plan to use this space? Is  this an environment that will often be wet or mopped? Again, what may work perfectly in one space may not be suited to another.


  • Master Planning
  • Creative Process
  • Expert Installation
  • Five Star Customer Service



New Construction

New construction flooring can be a crucial step both for the builder and the first owner. Numerous factors make the decision process a collaborative project with specific goals.


Commercial flooring projects need a smart eye for style and budget compliance. Multiple opinions come into play, often with conflicting goals. Surface Elements experience takes the hassle out of the process.


The design process in remodeling has always been a balancing act of functionality, textural contrasts, color strategies and more. Surface Elements is a strong resource for easier decisions.

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